Preparing for a New Born Shoot

We keep it warm, (remember the little one has been in a controlled 37 degree Celsius environment for the last 9 months) and we also have “white noise” heartbeat sounds etc we can play in the background. If it’s cool, the tiny little bodies can’t keep generating enough heat themselves to keep themselves warm enough.

So here goes,

  1. Book the shoot for a time when the bub is going to be due for a feed. Let’s do it at the studio. If the little one is a bit grumbly on the way over, we suggest you DON’T give in to the maternal instinct to give it a little bit to keep it quiet.
  2. On arrival, the baby will be undressed by mum and wrapped in our cloth nappy. We have a good supply. Why do we do that? Well, after a nice feed the baby is usually a little bit milk drunk and very sleepy if not right out to it. By having the baby undressed before the feed saves disrupting the little one. It’s easy to wrap and place the bub without having to pull arms and legs out of onesies for example.
  3. We can then do the shoot using the natural light we have at our disposal

How long does this all take?

If all the steps are followed we have been able to do a great shoot in say an hour. However, as we really are only observers of this little miracle and they seem to have a mind of their own a lot of the time, sometimes this can take 3-4 hours with feeds, wind, poos, pees and things like that interrupting the proceedings. What else can we do.

If the baby is unhappy and uncomfortable, its sometimes best to postpone to a more convenient time. It happens.

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